An Integrated Green Building Design Approach.

Sustainable Design & Planning means to respect, restore and protect our “PANCHABHUTAS” five basic elements “Earth”, “Air”, “Energy”, “Water” and “Sky”

  • Earth (Prithvi) – Efficient use of building footprint and proper building orientation
  • Air (Vayu) – Enhancement and protection of health and indoor environmental quality through selection of low emitting materials, proper ventilation, thermal comfort and sufficient daylight
  • Energy (Agni) – Application of energy efficiency measures and use of renewable solar, wind and biogas energy
  • Water (Jal) – Water conservation through water efficient fixtures, rain water harvesting and grey water treatment plant

OXYCARE can support you with services throughout the project or at any point within it.

  • We can establish and shape the entire vision to achieve sustainability goals by joining the team from day one for the project.
  • We can also help to decide building form, shape & orientation based on sun path analysis and climate studies.
  • As a experienced consultant, we can establish passive architectural features with new technologies and best practices worldwide.
  • We can also provide complete consultancy and services for water efficient landscape design.