Green building certification is a process, through which we can measure, analyze, verifies and document all the green building features applied in a project.


Our Services

  • Evaluation of the project for all prerequisites (mandatory criteria) as per IGBC/GRIHA rating program.
  • Coordination with project team and determining the project rating system and feasibility study.
  • Preparation of tender documents with inclusion of targeted green building features.
  • Presentation to top management for tangible and non tangible benefits of green building over the life cycle of the building.
  • Project registration online
  • Incorporation of energy simulation, strategies for material selection and water efficiency.
  • Periodic review and documentation at every stage of the project start from planning to designing to execution to commissioning and operation
  • Building commissioning through which we can ensures that all the mechanical and electrical systems installed in the project meet the design intent and operational needs of the owner before handing over to the facility.
  • Submission and co-ordination with IGBC/GRIHA for green building certification requirements.