Leads To High Performance Building Design.

The potential for energy saving in new buildings is 40-50% if energy efficiency measures are included in design phase. For existing buildings, the potential could be as high as 20-25% after energy efficiency retrofits


Our Services

  • First, we model the complete building in energy simulation software to evaluate the energy performance of a building.
  • With the help of simulation model, we can try and compare different options for building envelope, materials & products and finally suggest best suitable alternative based on client and project requirement.
  • Then we look at how that economy could be affected by climate, technology choices, occupant use and behavior and other performance drivers.
  • We believe that nature is our greatest teacher and the local climate is the boss. By keeping this fact in our mind, we are delivering a high performance building design.
  • Energy compliance check as per ECBC, BEE & ASHRAE.
  • We provide value-added recommendations and assessment of solar and biogas system specifications to ensure high durability, performance and energy output per every rupee invested.